Friday, November 15, 2013

CLEANSE! Health and Wellness from The Farm at San Benito

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New Book Released
CLEANSE! Health and Wellness from The Farm at San Benito

Manila, The Philippines, 1 JULY 2013… Global health aficionados and those who are keen on mind/body/spirit equilibrium can find just what they are looking for in a new book that outlines the plethora of restorative therapies at the award-winning Farm at San Benito. Packed full of information on the body’s key systems and The Farm’s health-giving treatments that support it, the book is a veritable treasure trove of knowledge. Be they Western medical, traditional Chinese, herbal, naturopathic, or Indian in origin — many modalities are covered in detail.

CLEANSE! is the culmination of ten years of operations at The Farm at San Benito. During that time, programs for total wellness, rejuvenation, detoxification, boosts in mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing, and more have been refined by staff at The Farm. Doctors, nurses, nutritionists, therapists, visiting experts and on-site specialists have all given input into the multi-varied offerings available. All are covered in CLEANSE! using a unique combination of the visual and the textual.

The brainchild of Jennifer Hazen, The Farm’s enthusiastic Resident Manager, the book contains insightful texts by British author Kim Inglis and exceptional photographs by renowned Italian photographer Luca Tettoni. There is also an extended photo-essay on the resort itself, as well as a final chapter on tips for post-Farm life. This includes information on follow-up exercise, nutrition and the benefits of a diet of live and raw foods.

In the same way that The Farm believes that physical, mental and emotional health are interconnected, the book is structured so as to cross traditional health/beauty/spiritual boundaries. Even though the subject may be the immune system, for example, the various therapies that support the immune system have more than physical benefits — they touch mental and emotional triggers as well. Because of this multi-layered approach, the book takes the form of a journey: Starting with dialogue and diagnostics with a doctor, it meanders through all the potential health and wellness therapies a guest may experience.

Each subject is analyzed in depth with background information, specific details of therapies, knowledge of herbs and ingredients used in treatments, as well as the potential benefits and post-treatment effects. Because so much of The Farm’s healing is based on Nature and the natural world, scientific evidence regarding specific herbs and compounds is included, along with historical and anecdotal data. For those who want to understand more about their bodies, their emotions and their spiritual needs, the book is a must-read.

At-home cooks, nutritionists and people with an interest in holistic health have much to learn from the final chapter which gives some recipes for post-Farm wellness, as well as a calorie chart and glycemic index table. In keeping with The Farm’s philosophy that a pure, detoxified system is achievable through a switch to raw and “living” foods, the chapter is dedicated to the benefits of such a diet. It emphasizes that gains made at The Farm at San Benito can continue after the guest arrives back at home.

CLEANSE! is priced at PHP 1,600
(approximately US$ 38.00 excluding shipping and handling).

Where to Buy?
The Farm’s Sales Office located at Shop 12, Ground Floor, The Peninsula hotel, corner Ayala and Makati Avenues

Books can be ordered at or purchased at tel:(+632) 884 80 74.